Welcome to MyWay!

What is MyWay?

We are a Web3 payment infrastructure built for the communities and cocreators!

Why use MyWay?

The problems

In today's increasingly interconnected world, communities and co-creators need a secure and seamless way to transact globally. Unfortunately, many traditional payment systems are limited in their scope and functionality, making it difficult to collaborate and transact across borders.

Our solution

We simplify payment workflow. With MyWay, you can access a flexible, multi-currency, and multi-verse global payment infrastructure.
Create payment links and charge in the currency you prefer, and receive payments in the currency of your choice. You'll also get a Mastercard to use your crypto and receive benefits for your NFTs.
Create payment links with multiple splits, allowing co-creators to work together and receive payments securely, regardless of location.
You can also offer your customers the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency.
Create payment links that offer benefits to members of Web3 communities. With MyWay, you'll have access to a comprehensive payment infrastructure that meets the needs of co-creators and communities.

When to use MyWay?

  • When you want to sell NFTs;
  • When you have customers that want simpler payment methods like credit cards.
  • When you want to co-create with others and split your earnings no matter where you are
  • When you want to receive payments in crypto;
  • When you want to sell Tokens;
  • When you own your own tokens and want to accept them as a payment method;

Want to Jump right in?

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:
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