Quick Start

Now that you have your API Key, you can begin to use our services! In this quick start, we will begin simple, but we encourage you to try the Next Level later

First Step: Create your checking account

Once you have obtained your API Key, you can proceed to create your Checking account in order to start receiving payments. To create your Checking account, simply refer to the API Reference provided below:

Pro tip: You can set a split configuration. That way you can easily collab with anyone splitting everyone's shares!

Checking Account

You are now ready to receive payments! But how? You need to create a payment link passing the information about what you want to sell, like name, image and price. To better understand how to create your payment link, see the link below:

Payment Link

Last Step: Create a payment Transaction

Now you have your payment link, but how to use it? When your customer tries to buy something from your website, you will call the Transaction endpoint passing the payment Link Id and some other info. This will return a data object that you will show to your customer pay. For more info, read the Transaction page


That's it! Your project's all good to go!

Reaching the Next Level

But what if I want to give a discount if my customer belongs to a Web3 community? Or if I want only the members of a given community to be able to buy my products?

In that case, you will need to use MyWay's benefits and community tokens endpoints. Read about them and give your customers an even better experience!

BenefitsCommunity Tokens

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